And we’re back!

Welcome back folks! A big thank you to all my Customers and followers thus far. The last 4 months have been busy clearing out the Lunting Bear Archives of my earliest restorations! Many thanks to those that provided such great feedback, it was very much appreciated.

With 2021 over and now well into 2022 (or is that 2020..too, ugh haha), I am back at the blog and have acquired several pipes I hope you’ll enjoy. As always you will be able to curate these pipes for your own collection at the Lunting Bear store.

Stay tuned folks!

A journey’s beginning..

As a young boy I recall the time spent with my Father going to Toronto to get our haircut. Going to the Barber was a cherished ritual I enjoyed, often it included going out for lunch at a Delicatessen or simply a walk and some “Street Meat” from a local Hot Dog Vendor.

On one of these outings I recall walking by the Dunhill store in Toronto, located on Bloor St., East of Avenue Rd, and asking my Father to go in, at the time I must have been between 8-10. I don’t recall much reluctance from my Father as I charged forward into the store, a young stocky kid with no business being in there. I don’t remember much resistance from the staff when I walked in either! Immediately I was bathed in the luxury and beauty that was an Alfred Dunhill store. I recall standing in the humidor and smelling the rich earthy aromas of the cigars, as well as the nausea from the same aromas as I was clearly not mature enough for such decadence. I fantasized one day about being a cigar aficionado. The pipes on the wall reminded me of my Grandfather and the sweet smell of a recently smoked pipe, still warm, resting, waiting to be picked up again.

Right or wrong, I had a love affair with premium Tobacco and pipes at a very early age. It wasn’t complicated, I just connected to it, a passion. It was not until I was 40 years old that a well placed image happened across my phone while looking at men’s fashions. It was an image of a dapper dressed fellow, his chin tilted down with a pipe clenched in his mouth as he drew a lit match to the pipe. In an instant I recalled all the feelings of that day in the Dunhill store, of my Father and my Grandfather. Was pipe smoking still a thing?

To my delight it was! In fact it had seen a resurgence and I dropped right into the middle of it! I quickly announced my arrival to the world of pipe smoking to little or no fan fair, HA! It was like I found my tribe after being lost for so many years. The hobby found me during a time of conflict and heartache as my marriage slowly died away. It connected me back to that kid in the Dunhill store with his Father.

Soon after discovering this hobby, I had also began antique hunting. I had no idea that the two interests would collide as they did. I started seeing pipes EVERYWHERE. I realized I could curate a collection for myself and busy my hands by cleaning them up. There was also a presence online dedicated to Pipe Restoration, these tutors showed me the way and I quickly developed a passion and skill for the hobby.

Welcome, to Lunting Bear Pipe Restoration! Grab your favourite pipe and stay for a while.