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A casual exploration of tobacco pipe repair and restoration.

Established in 2021. Ryan has been a pipe enthusiast since he was a kid. He picked up the hobby 3 years ago and began restoring and refurbishing vintage pipes around the same time. He now has a space online to share his hobby.

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A Royal appointment for this fallen and forgotten Patent era Dunhill

Dunhill pipes are the most recognized pipe brand in the world. Highly regarded for their commitment to quality standards and design. Of course my opinion is biased based on my own love affair with the brand. It must be useful. It must work dependably. It must be beautiful. It must last. It must be theContinue reading “A Royal appointment for this fallen and forgotten Patent era Dunhill”

And we’re back!

Welcome back folks! A big thank you to all my Customers and followers thus far. The last 4 months have been busy clearing out the Lunting Bear Archives of my earliest restorations! Many thanks to those that provided such great feedback, it was very much appreciated. With 2021 over and now well into 2022 (orContinue reading “And we’re back!”


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